Marriage and Changing to Spouse Visa


If you are one of the following, you can marry a Japanese or a Permanent Resident:

  • Overstay
  • Refugee
  • Working visa
  • Student visa
  • Trainee visa

Your nationality and your partner’s nationality does not matter as long as both of you are allowed to marry. You will know based on your country’s law on marriage.

When marrying a foreign nationality, there is a certain document both of you have to request from your Embassy to prove that your are able to marry. For some countries, that document is called “Affidavit of Competency to Marry”, while for Filipinos it is “Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage”.

The general documents you both will need are original copy of your birth certificate and record of marriage. However, there may be additional requirements depending on age, or if one is widowed or previously divorced. For your additional information, documents such as birth certificate may or may not require authentication from originating country. Most documents you provide will also need a translated Japanese version.

You two may choose where you want to get married. For example, you are a Filipino and your partner is Sri Lankan, then you can choose whether to marry in the Philippine Embassy, Sri Lanka Embassy, or at a city hall.

Once you have completed the documents and register at the venue of your choice, then you are officially married. If you choose to marry at a city hall, then you must report your marriage to your embassy within 30 days.

After marriage, you may apply for your Spouse’s change of status of residence. This is another application that is more complicated than marriage. Several documents are required and a detailed explanation is best to provide the Immigration.

Depending on your situation, it is best to seek an expert’s assistance. Wakai International Law Firm has handled several complicated cases like these.

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