Aged Parent Visa


Foreign nationals who wish to bring their aged parents into Japan must fall on the following conditions:

  • Parent must be at least 70 years old or has serious chronic illness;
  • Parents that needs care;
  • Does not have a person in their home country to look after the aged parent, or if there is someone, they do not have enough funds to support aged parent

The aged parent/s must provide proof in a form of a document to support the claim that they fall under those conditions. The foreign national in Japan must provide documents clarifying their living and economic situation to prove they can support their aged parent once in Japan.

The aged parent/s must first enter Japan as a Temporary Visitor. Once they land in Japan, then they can apply to change their status of residence into Designated Activities. While the parent is in his/her own country, he/she cannot apply for Certificate of Eligibility for the said visa.

Some applicants try to bring their parents to Japan to take care of their children. However, this is not the case for the aged parent visa. The aged parent is the one who should be taken care of.

Since this type of case is rare in Japan, there are several documents needed for this application. It is best to consult an expert to apply for aged parent visa.

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