Filipino Parent of Japanese-Filipino Child


Under certain conditions, the Filipino parent of Japanese-Filipino child may travel to Japan with the child who is under 20 years

  1. To live in Japan as long-term resident in order to raise the child in Japan.
  2. To stay in Japan for a short period (within 90 days) for preparation and preliminary
    inspection for possible long-term stay with the child in the future.
  3. To stay in Japan for a short period (within 90 days) to conduct necessary procedures such
    as looking for Japanese father’s whereabouts, being acknowledged by Japanese Father, etc.

The first step is to apply for temporary visitor visa at the Japan embassy in the Philippines. However, you have to go through an accredited agency to submit the application.

The application requires several supporting documents to prove your relationship with the child and purpose of going to Japan. Also documents that proves that the child is indeed a child of Japanese.

Once temporary visitor visa is approved, you may then purchase flight tickets for the both of you.

When you arrive in Japan, it is best to immediately apply for change of status to long-term resident so you can stay and live with your child in Japan.

If you do not know where to begin and how to go about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at +81-03-5937-6345 or email us at

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