About us


Introduction of Wakai International Law Firm

This is Wakai International Law Firm. We are the experienced immigration visa agency. Thank you for visiting to our website. Our office is managed by an Gyoseishoshi immigration lawyer Wakai Ryo and a secretary Sheila Querijero.

In 2019, we jointed our office each other and established Wakai International Law Firm. Each year, we handled over 100 visa applications per year, and helped foreigners living in Japan solving various problems.

Our strength

1 Making the most efficient strategy decision in accordance with the situation

We are able to consult with our clients in detail, make the best and most efficient strategy decision to reach our goal. Consultation is the key of our services. We listen to the client’s story in detail, so that we can help the client.

As you see this price table, you may realize that our fee is not very reasonable compare to other immigration lawyer’s office. 80% of our clients are once applied by themselves or asked other office and unfortunately failed.

We specialize in difficult cases, so that makes us accumulated a great deal of expertise to get your visa which other offices handling easy case do not have. Since decision is made by immigration bureau,  not all applications will be permitted but we promise that we will work with full effort to accomplish your request.

2 Providing services in Japanese,English and Tagalog.

I have an experience studied in United States, thus I can communicate with you and exchange email in English. My secretary’s nationality is Philippine and she is permanent resident in Japan. She can talk to you fluent English and Japanese, and of course Tagalog.

We don’t have any difficulties to communicate with clients. Please feel free to contact us.