Voice from clients; From Ms. sharmaine pacete


Client nationality; Philippine


“One of a kind lawyer here in japan. No one can handle my situation but this lawyer is a great he is the only one to fix my visa. The other lawyer said i need to go back to my country and they cannot fix my visa and extend it

but then a day before my visa get expired i saw Gyoseishoshi lawyer facebook page and i say it to him about my visa condition and he chat me that i need to go to his office and after we talk and he knows about my condition he immediately help me.

He even not try to think a second thought that he won’t help me he do a faster decision that he will help me about my visa and not just only me also my child and now me and my child will be together live a comfortable life here in japan because of help and sacrifice and patiently of this lawyer.

This is true he is one of the best of the best lawyer here in japan together with the help of her secretary Ms. Sheila. Thank you and Godbless i will recommended you to all of my friends and to other people who needs help about they wanted to stay here in japan. Cheers for your great performance and for helping me to stay here with my daughter. 🙏 Super bless to meet a people like Gyoseishoshi and Ms. Sheila i salute both of you. 🙏😇”

Posted on Google business May 17th, 2019

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