Summon the spouse of Japanese from abroad


Points for Spouse of a Japanese National Visa

People who fulfill ALL of the following:

1. People who are lawfully married to a Japanese person  

The spouse category DOES NOT include de facto marriages.

2. People who are  having regular contact through phone, internet and mail

The applicant must prove that the marriage will fit the generally accepted concept of married lifestyle in that the relationship must be formal (lawful), and the couple should be substantially living together, cooperating and mutually aiding each other.

Since the applicant is away from Japan, he/she and spouse have to prove that they are always connected each other. The record of phone call,  chat, e-mail, and greeting cards will be used for that.

With the presumption that the above two conditions are met, you should apply after considering whether the marriage will continue to be stable. In other words, you should consider the following:

・Was the relationship until marriage appropriately long?

Foreigners who married a year after first meeting their spouse have a higher chance of obtaining a visa than if the couple had gotten married only a month after first meeting.

・Is the time since getting married until the time of application appropriately long?

It is beneficial towards your explanation of the stability of your marriage if you also waited a significant period of time after getting married before applying for a visa. 

・Economic Stability

Economic stability of the household is also beneficial towards your explanation of stability

The immigration bureau is aware of the fact that there are also a number of disguised marriages within the applications to gain visa as a spouse of a Japanese national and is very strict about this in the inspection process. Even if the marriage is lawful and sincere, if there are any mistakes made on the submitted documents, there is a chance that you may not be able to acquire, extend or change your visa status to spouse of Japanese national.


Necessary documents

※These are the minimum documents. Necessary documents may vary depending on your case. We recommend you to consult to an expert.

<Applicant’s necessary documents>

Application form for certificate of eligibility

Passport copy

Explanation letter

ID picture(4cm x 3cm) , 1 piece

※No background, cap or hat, and taken within 3 months

 Marriage certificate issued by applicant’s country

Translation of marriage certificate

Birth certificate

Translation of birth certificate

Snapshot picture with spouse

Contact record of phone, chat, e-mail and mail

<Japanese spouse’s necessary documents>

Guarantee letter

Family registration

Acceptance certificate of marriage notification

Certificate of residence (All of family member living together)

Certificate of being imposed residential tax

Certificate of paying residential tax

 For spouse doing one’s own business

  Documents proving your business

  Copy of tax return

  Copy of business permission

 For spouse being an employee

  Employment certificate

  Tax certificate slip

Questionnaire from immigration bureau

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