Summon child of a Japanese national from abroad


Points for child of a Japanese National Visa

People who fulfill the following:

 A biological child who was born after their father or mother had already held Japanese citizenship

In the case the father passed away before the birth of the child: A biological child of a person who had already held Japanese citizenship before the father passed away

Even cases where the Japanese parents gave up their citizenship after birth they may fulfill this requirement for residency. Even cases where the child is not born in Japan, it does not affect the acquisition of visa qualifications. Furthermore, illegitimacy does not affect acquisition of visa qualifications.


Necessary documents

※These are the minimum documents. Necessary documents may vary depending on your case. We recommend you to consult to an expert.

<Applicant’s necessary documents>

Application form for certificate of eligibility

ID picture(4cm x 3cm) , 1 piece

※No background, cap or hat, and taken within 3 months

Passport copy

Family registration of one’s Japanese parent (Child’s name must be printed on registration)

Stamped, self-addressed envelope

Birth certificate

Translation of birth certificate


<Parent’s necessary documents>

Guarantee letter

Certificate of residence

 In case the parent has foreign nationality

  Birth certificate

  Translation of birth certificate

      Passport copy

  Residence card copy

Certificate of being imposed residential tax

Certificate of paying residential tax

  For parent doing one’s own business

  Documents proving your business

  Copy of tax return

  Copy of business permission

 For parent being an employee

  Employment certificate

  Tax certificate slip

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