Change from temp. to spouse of Japanese in result of marriage


Points for spouse of a Japanese national

The applicant must  fulfill ALL of the following:

(1) People who are lawfully married to a Japanese person

The “Spouse” category DOES NOT include de facto marriages.

(2) People who are living and cooperating with their spouse

Furthermore, the marriage must fit the generally accepted concept of married lifestyle in that the relationship must be formal (lawful), and the couple should be substantially living together, cooperating and mutually aiding each other.

Necessary documents

※These are the minimum documents. Necessary documents may vary depending on your case. We recommend you to consult to an expert.

<Applicant’s necessary documents>

Application form for changing visa


Explanation letter

ID picture(4cm x 3cm) , 1 piece

※No background, cap or hat, and taken within 3 months

 If the applicant’s term of visa is longer than 3 months

   Residence card

   Certificate of residence

Marriage certificate issued by applicant’s country

Translation of marriage certificate

Birth certificate

Translation of birth certificate

Snapshot picture with spouse

<Japanese spouse’s necessary documents>

Guarantee letter

Family registration

Acceptance certificate of marriage notification

Certificate of residence (All of family member living together)

Certificate of being imposed residential tax

Certificate of paying residential tax

 For spouse doing one’s own business

  Documents proving your business

  Copy of tax return

  Copy of business permission

 For spouse being an employee

  Employment certificate

  Tax certificate slip

Questionnaire from immigration bureau


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