Eligibility for Children from Abroad


If you are a foreign national in Japan with a status of residence, then it is possible to get your children from abroad.

You may apply for their eligibility, and depending on your status, they will be one of the following:

  • Child of Permanent Resident
  • Long-term resident
  • Dependent visa

To have a high chance on being able to get your child/children from abroad is by maintaining a good record as a resident of Japan. That means, you are paying your taxes properly, you have a full-time job, and as much as possible no loans. However, it does not mean you don`t have a chance if you are lacking these. Also, just because you do, does not mean it guarantees you will be able to get eligibility. It is simply an advice.

If you are a Spouse of Japanese and your spouse is alright with getting your children abroad, it will also help if he/she can be a guarantor as well. That is if he has also been paying his taxes properly.

If you are a foreign national with a working visa or student visa in Japan, some are eligible to apply for dependent visa for their child/children abroad.

If you are a long-term resident in Japan, you can also apply for eligibility of your child/children from abroad.

The most important thing is proving your relationship to your children, and that you will be able to provide for them here in Japan. It is also better to get them while they are still young. Once they get older, it may be more difficult to apply for eligibility.

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