Familiarizing Japanese Law

  • 2021年11月02日


    We assist the partner living in Japan with registering the marriage in the city hall. This is not a virtual or online wedding. If a foreign national whose fiancé is Japanese or a foreign resident with an appropriate visa residing in Japan, then they can marry through Japanese law. This is only accepted in certain …

  • 2021年07月08日

    Long Distance Marriage in Japan

    In Japan, marriage process is through marriage notification at the city hall. Ceremonies are not necessary to make it official. There are also some city halls in Japan that accept “long distance marriage.” This means only one partner has to be in Japan and the other can be in a different country, even if both …

  • 2020年12月18日

    Recognition of Divorce

    The law of marriage is usually based of the person’s nationality. So if you are Filipino, you will follow the marriage law of the Philippines. If you are Japanese, your marriage will be based on Japanese laws. However, each marriage can depend on the nationality of the couple, especially if “Interracial Marriage”. If you are …

  • 2020年11月26日

    Marrying a Japanese

    Knowing if you can get married is based on the law of your home country and the country of your fiancé. However, the procedure is no different for two Japanese citizens who want to get married. It is also not impossible for an overstay to get married in Japan. The law of one’s country determines …

  • 2020年11月24日


    In Japan, it is not automatic for a foreign national to become a Japanese citizen no matter how long you have been living here. Whether you are married to Japanese or born in Japan, it does not mean you are Japanese nationality. For foreign nationals who want to become Japanese nationality, they must go through …

  • 2020年11月19日

    Divorce and Residence in Japan

    If you are filing for divorce from your Japanese spouse, but your “Spouse of Japanese National” visa is about to expire, here are the things you need to think about. You can stay in Japan until your divorce is decided. If you do not change your residence status after the divorce, then you cannot stay …

  • 2020年11月12日

    Recognition of Child

    (ENGLISH) The first thing you have to decide is which law will you follow in recognizing your child. There are three (3) options you can choose from. Following the laws of the father’s country or the mother’s country during child’s birth; or you can choose the child’s own country. The process in recognizing a child …