Other legal process

  • 2021年04月12日

    What to do when your contract is not being extended by your company?

    What can you do when you still have a valid working visa, but your current company is not extending your contract anymore, and you want to stay in Japan? First, you must report that you will no longer work for that company to the immigration and city hall. You must obtain a Certificate of Employment …

  • 2021年04月06日

    Special Permission to Stay

    Special permission to stay are for those who have overstayed or have a chance to be deported because of a criminal case, but may have a special reason to stay. In most cases, overstays who marry a Japanese national or Permanent Resident surrender after marriage and ask for special permission to stay. It is important …

  • 2020年12月18日

    Recognition of Divorce

    The law of marriage is usually based of the person’s nationality. So if you are Filipino, you will follow the marriage law of the Philippines. If you are Japanese, your marriage will be based on Japanese laws. However, each marriage can depend on the nationality of the couple, especially if “Interracial Marriage”. If you are …

  • 2017年03月22日

    Remarry without judicial recognition of divorce

    Philippine nationals CAN remarry without judicial recognition of divorce, in case former spouse and new spouse are both Japanese. It is provided in Philippine family code that (when Philippine national divorce by the law of spouse’s country, the national immediately obtain the status to allow to remarry in said country. Requirements will be informed at …