Permanent resident

  • 2015年04月02日

    Necessary documents for permanent resident

    1Necessary documents for permanent residence <Applicant’s necessary documents> Application for permanent residence ID picture(4cm x 3cm) , 1 piece ※No background, cap or hat, and taken within 3 months Passport Birth certificate Translation of birth certificate Residence card Explanation letter Certificate of residence Copy of health insurance card Certificate of being imposed residential tax; recent …

  • 2015年01月04日

    Necessary documents for spouse or child of permanent

    1 Summon the spouse of permanent resident;Certificate of eligibility 2 Extending visa of spouse of permanent resident 3 Changing visa to spouse of permanent resident 4 Obtaining visa of child of permanent, born in Japan 5 Summon the child of permanent resident; Certificate of eligibility 6 Extending visa of child of permanent resident 7 Changing …