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  • 2020年12月14日

    Applying for Certificate of Eligibility

    If a person wishes to enter and stay in Japan for more than 3 months with a specific purpose, they must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). COE is necessary for someone who will be working or studying in Japan, or maybe living with their family. Applicant must have a guarantor in Japan like …

  • 2016年01月08日

    Departure order

    What is the Departure Order System? The departure order system, established in 2004 with the revision of the immigration law, is a measure to make overstaying person who is willing to leave Japan voluntarily without being placed in custody. Furthermore, the period of refused entry will be one year, in comparison with regular deportation’s whose …

  • 2015年12月17日

    Provisional release

    What is provisional release? Provisional release is a system that allows the temporary release, under certain regulations, of a detainee in the custody of the Immigration Bureau who is going through the deportation procedures. The immigration law stipulates the an alien who is suspected to fall under reasons for deportation such as overstaying may be …

  • 2015年12月09日

    Application for special permission

    What is application for special permission to stay? Application for special permission to stay is the special measure to obtain legal status on the premise that the applicant will be deported to its home country. In other words, as the result of application for special permission to stay, the applicant who has been violating immigration …

  • 2014年12月24日

    Invite family or friend as a temporary visitor

    What is temporary visitor visa? Temporary visitor visa is a type of visa which is issued to a person visiting family or friends or going to a business trip. Basically,  the applicant has to apply to Japanese embassy or consulate to obtain this visa, however some countries and regions such as United States, Hon Kong,  …

  • 2014年12月22日

    Summon one’s spouse , child or employee for more than 6 months

      Subject If you would like to summon a person from overseas to live or work long-term in Japan, you must first apply for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility. People coming to Japan for purposes such as sightseeing, business meetings, or to visit family are qualified for a short-term visa application, are not able …

  • 2014年12月22日

    Change of visa

    What is change of visa? These are the necessary procedures for cases in which a foreign resident plans to change the reason for residing in Japan because they either are stopping their current activities or have reached their initial goal for residing in Japan. For example, the following situations would fall under this category: a …

  • 2014年12月04日

    Extend visa

    What is extension of visa? Foreign residents have to carry out the necessary procedures before visa term expires,  when they will continue the same activities as their current given visa allows. Generally, the residence term for foreign residents who came to Japan for reasons such as Specialist in Humanities / International Service or Spouse Japanese …