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  • 2021年12月06日

    Spouse visa to Long-term resident

    Most people do not know that after getting divorce or separation from spouse, you still have a chance to stay here in Japan. However, you must do this process within 6 months after your divorce or separation. Otherwise, your chances become lower. After divorce or separation, you must immediately inquire an expert like our Gyoseishoshi, …

  • 2021年08月24日

    The Difference Between Certificate of Eligibility and Visa

    When foreigners want to go to Japan, some need visa to enter, while other countries such as South Korea, United States, etc. do not. If your only purpose in Japan is to tour around, then you only need to apply for a visa. The number of days you are permitted to stay in Japan with …

  • 2021年04月06日

    Special Permission to Stay

    Special permission to stay are for those who have overstayed or have a chance to be deported because of a criminal case, but may have a special reason to stay. In most cases, overstays who marry a Japanese national or Permanent Resident surrender after marriage and ask for special permission to stay. It is important …

  • 2021年03月31日

    Spouse of Japanese to Long-Term Resident

    Does your Japanese spouse want a divorce? You don’t know how you will stay in Japan because you cannot extend anymore? You can apply to change your status to long-term resident. This way, you get your own visa by yourself. However, you will still need a guarantor. It could be a relative or a friend. …

  • 2021年03月16日

    Marriage and Changing to Spouse Visa

    If you are one of the following, you can marry a Japanese or a Permanent Resident: Overstay Refugee Working visa Student visa Trainee visa Your nationality and your partner’s nationality does not matter as long as both of you are allowed to marry. You will know based on your country’s law on marriage. When marrying …

  • 2020年12月18日

    Recognition of Divorce

    The law of marriage is usually based of the person’s nationality. So if you are Filipino, you will follow the marriage law of the Philippines. If you are Japanese, your marriage will be based on Japanese laws. However, each marriage can depend on the nationality of the couple, especially if “Interracial Marriage”. If you are …

  • 2020年12月14日

    Applying for Certificate of Eligibility

    If a person wishes to enter and stay in Japan for more than 3 months with a specific purpose, they must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). COE is necessary for someone who will be working or studying in Japan, or maybe living with their family. Applicant must have a guarantor in Japan like …

  • 2020年11月19日

    Divorce and Residence in Japan

    If you are filing for divorce from your Japanese spouse, but your “Spouse of Japanese National” visa is about to expire, here are the things you need to think about. You can stay in Japan until your divorce is decided. If you do not change your residence status after the divorce, then you cannot stay …

  • 2016年01月08日

    Departure order

    What is the Departure Order System? The departure order system, established in 2004 with the revision of the immigration law, is a measure to make overstaying person who is willing to leave Japan voluntarily without being placed in custody. Furthermore, the period of refused entry will be one year, in comparison with regular deportation’s whose …

  • 2015年12月17日

    Provisional release

    What is provisional release? Provisional release is a system that allows the temporary release, under certain regulations, of a detainee in the custody of the Immigration Bureau who is going through the deportation procedures. The immigration law stipulates the an alien who is suspected to fall under reasons for deportation such as overstaying may be …