After separation

  • 2021年12月06日

    Spouse visa to Long-term resident

    Most people do not know that after getting divorce or separation from spouse, you still have a chance to stay here in Japan. However, you must do this process within 6 months after your divorce or separation. Otherwise, your chances become lower. After divorce or separation, you must immediately inquire an expert like our Gyoseishoshi, …

  • 2020年12月18日

    Recognition of Divorce

    The law of marriage is usually based of the person’s nationality. So if you are Filipino, you will follow the marriage law of the Philippines. If you are Japanese, your marriage will be based on Japanese laws. However, each marriage can depend on the nationality of the couple, especially if “Interracial Marriage”. If you are …

  • 2020年11月19日

    Divorce and Residence in Japan

    If you are filing for divorce from your Japanese spouse, but your “Spouse of Japanese National” visa is about to expire, here are the things you need to think about. You can stay in Japan until your divorce is decided. If you do not change your residence status after the divorce, then you cannot stay …

  • 2015年04月04日

    Live in Japan after divorce or bereavement from Japanese national

    Points for live continuously after divorce The criteria has not been open to the public. However, it is said that the ministry of Justice considers the things below. (1)Considerable term of marriage and residence record in Japan Generally, the applicant should have been living in Japan married with spouse at least for 3 years. (2)Having …