Change visa

  • 2021年03月31日

    Spouse of Japanese to Long-Term Resident

    Does your Japanese spouse want a divorce? You don’t know how you will stay in Japan because you cannot extend anymore? You can apply to change your status to long-term resident. This way, you get your own visa by yourself. However, you will still need a guarantor. It could be a relative or a friend. …

  • 2021年03月16日

    Marriage and Changing to Spouse Visa

    If you are one of the following, you can marry a Japanese or a Permanent Resident: Overstay Refugee Working visa Student visa Trainee visa Your nationality and your partner’s nationality does not matter as long as both of you are allowed to marry. You will know based on your country’s law on marriage. When marrying …

  • 2014年12月22日

    Change of visa

    What is change of visa? These are the necessary procedures for cases in which a foreign resident plans to change the reason for residing in Japan because they either are stopping their current activities or have reached their initial goal for residing in Japan. For example, the following situations would fall under this category: a …