Bring or invite from abroad

  • 2021年08月24日

    The Difference Between Certificate of Eligibility and Visa

    When foreigners want to go to Japan, some need visa to enter, while other countries such as South Korea, United States, etc. do not. If your only purpose in Japan is to tour around, then you only need to apply for a visa. The number of days you are permitted to stay in Japan with …

  • 2020年12月14日

    Applying for Certificate of Eligibility

    If a person wishes to enter and stay in Japan for more than 3 months with a specific purpose, they must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). COE is necessary for someone who will be working or studying in Japan, or maybe living with their family. Applicant must have a guarantor in Japan like …

  • 2014年12月24日

    Invite family or friend as a temporary visitor

    What is temporary visitor visa? Temporary visitor visa is a type of visa which is issued to a person visiting family or friends or going to a business trip. Basically,  the applicant has to apply to Japanese embassy or consulate to obtain this visa, however some countries and regions such as United States, Hon Kong,  …

  • 2014年12月22日

    Summon one’s spouse , child or employee for more than 6 months

      Subject If you would like to summon a person from overseas to live or work long-term in Japan, you must first apply for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility. People coming to Japan for purposes such as sightseeing, business meetings, or to visit family are qualified for a short-term visa application, are not able …