Status visa

  • 2021年05月10日

    Applying for Certificate of Eligibility for Spouse

    Are you a Spouse of Japanese National or Permanent Resident, but currently living outside of Japan? It is important for a married couple to be living together in the same country, and you two choose to settle in Japan. However, before you can live here with your spouse, you must obtain a status of residence. …

  • 2021年04月13日

    How can my child be recognized as child of Japanese?

    The easiest way is asking for the Japanese father to recognize your child and he says he is willing. If he is not willing, then you can come to us for help and we can send them a letter of a notification about recognizing the child.  If they respond after this, then it is good. …

  • 2021年01月07日

    Update on Applying for Permanent Residence

    Requirements for applying for Permanent Resident may differ  depending on what type of visa you have. Here are the general requirements: You must pay your taxes, insurance, and pension accordingly and on time Recently, they have been strict in making sure that residents pay tax, insurance and pension. Do you have social insurance or national …

  • 2020年11月19日

    Divorce and Residence in Japan

    If you are filing for divorce from your Japanese spouse, but your “Spouse of Japanese National” visa is about to expire, here are the things you need to think about. You can stay in Japan until your divorce is decided. If you do not change your residence status after the divorce, then you cannot stay …

  • 2015年04月05日

    Spouse or child of Japanese national

    Definition Spouse of Japanese national visa is assigned to either a spouse or child of a Japanese national, whose citizenship is not Japanese. Not only biological children, but also adopted child of Japanese national is considered to be a child of a Japanese national. This  spouse or child of a Japanese national visa  is often …

  • 2015年04月04日

    Necessary documents for spouse or child of Japanese national

    ※These are the minimum documents. Necessary documents may vary depending on your case. We recommend you to consult to an expert. 1 Summon the spouse of Japanese; Certificate of eligibility 2 Extending visa of spouse of Japanese 3 Changing visa to spouse of Japanese 4 Summon the child of Japanese; Certificate of eligibility 5 Extending …

  • 2015年04月03日

    Permanent Resident

    Definition A permanent resident is the one who is approved of permanent residency by a Minister of Justice. Only foreigners who currently reside in Japan and wish to change their visa are eligible for permanent residency. First time visitors of Japan can not acquire permanent residency. In this page,  the explanation is about the people …

  • 2015年04月02日

    Necessary documents for permanent resident

    1Necessary documents for permanent residence <Applicant’s necessary documents> Application for permanent residence ID picture(4cm x 3cm) , 1 piece ※No background, cap or hat, and taken within 3 months Passport Birth certificate Translation of birth certificate Residence card Explanation letter Certificate of residence Copy of health insurance card Certificate of being imposed residential tax; recent …

  • 2015年03月22日

    Spouse or child of a permanent resident

    Definition The residence qualifications for a spouse or child of a permanent resident are to be a foreigner married to a permanent resident or the biological child of a permanent resident. Lengths of Residence Terms Lengths of visa Terms for the spouse or child of a permanent resident 6 months 1 year 3 years 5 …

  • 2015年01月04日

    Necessary documents for spouse or child of permanent

    1 Summon the spouse of permanent resident;Certificate of eligibility 2 Extending visa of spouse of permanent resident 3 Changing visa to spouse of permanent resident 4 Obtaining visa of child of permanent, born in Japan 5 Summon the child of permanent resident; Certificate of eligibility 6 Extending visa of child of permanent resident 7 Changing …