In Japan, it is not automatic for a foreign national to become a Japanese citizen no matter how long you have been living here. Whether you are married to Japanese or born in Japan, it does not mean you are Japanese nationality. For foreign nationals who want to become Japanese nationality, they must go through naturalization.

The following conditions are:

1. Lived continuously in Japan for 5 years

2. You must be at least 20 years old and have the capacity according to home country’s law

3. Good manners

4. You are able to support yourself in what you have and can do, as well as your spouse, children, and other family members

5. No other nationality; once Japanese nationality is acquired, Filipino nationality must be renounced

6. Did not plan or participate in any violent destruction to destroy the Japanese government; started or joined a political party or organization for such a reason

7. Can read and write Japanese


• Renunciation of nationality

    • In other cases that Japan will agree not to renounce another nationality other than Japanese is if it is banned in your home country
    • If you have a special family situation such as your Japanese national spouse or parent

• Exception to condition # 1

    • You are a child of a former Japanese national (excluding adopted children) and have been living in Japan for at least 3 years
    • You were born in Japan and have lived in Japan for at least 3 years, or you have a parent born in Japan
    • You have an address in Japan

• Exception to condition # 1 or # 2

    • You have been married to a Japanese man and have lived in Japan for at least 3 years, and still live in Japan until now
    • You are a Japanese spouse, and you have been married for 3 years (from marriage registration date) and you have a Japanese address for at least 1 year during marriage.
  • Exception to condition # 1, # 2 or # 4
    • You are a Japanese child (not including adopted children) and have an address in Japan
    • You were adopted by Japanese, minor when you were adopted, and have an address in Japan for at least 1 year
    • You have lost Japanese nationality but still have an address in Japan
    • You will be born in Japan but have no nationality since you were born and have lived in Japan for at least 3 years

Please take note that the conditions above does not mean that your application for Naturalization is guaranteed it will be approved. if you satisfy the conditions, it means you are eligible to apply. Several various documents need to be submitted when applying for Naturalization so we are here to help you.

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