What is Japino?

A person of Japanese and Filipino ancestry, especially whose father is Japanese. The estimated number of Japino is 100,000 in the Philippines.Usual case is like the following.


The mother has the record of working in Japan as a talent. She was in association with the father, who is sometimes married. They went out for dating, and as the result of relationship, the mother got pregnant.

The Japino mother had to go back to the Philippines because of expiration of her visa. At first, the mother and the father have regular contact, even with financial support. However, as time passes, it becomes more difficult for the Japino mother to reach the Japanese father. Then, the mother can’t reach the Japanese national by any mean.

No contact, no recognition as a Japanese child…


Our mission is to help you to exercise the right to have child of Japanese status for your child. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


What does a Japino deserve?