What to do when your contract is not being extended by your company?


What can you do when you still have a valid working visa, but your current company is not extending your contract anymore, and you want to stay in Japan?

First, you must report that you will no longer work for that company to the immigration and city hall. You must obtain a Certificate of Employment indicating your details from the company and includes the date of your last day at work.

From there, you can find a new employer who will hire you as the same position. If not, then a job that is related to your college degree or background. Any job allowed within your working visa.

If you find a new employer, but a different type of job, then you must apply to change your visa that is related to the activities you will be doing. It is important not to start a job (a new type of job) without changing your visa first. That would be violating a law and harder for you to change your visa, and chance it may be revoked.

In any case, once you have a new employer or new job, you must report again to the immigration and city hall. These steps are necessary to make sure your record is correct, and you have not violated anything and if you have intention to apply for permanent residency in the future, you will have a good record. It also pertains to paying your taxes, insurance and nenkin; which also plays a big factor when applying for permanent residency.

Our recommendation is to find a new employer or job within 3 months.

Do you have your spouse and kids with you as your dependents?

In case, you are unable to find a new employer or job yourself, your spouse can also try to look for a job and employer who is willing to sponsor her a work visa.

If he/she is the one to find a job, then you can switch and you can become his/her dependent.

We can assist with changing your visa.


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