Price Table


Type of the services Fee (excluding tax)
1 Extend visa Starting from ¥75,000
2 Change visa Starting from¥180,000
3 Permanent residence Starting from¥150,000
4 Bring spouse or child; Certificate of eligibility Starting from¥250,000
5 Temporary visit visa Starting from¥51,000
6 Special permission to stay in Japan Starting from¥350,000
7 Provisional release Starting from¥350,000
8 Support for international marriage Starting from ¥100,000
9 Naturalization to Japanese Starting from¥280,000

Normally to obtain visa permission costs from 4,000Yen to 8,000Yen, which is the revenue stamp paid to Japanese government, this is separate from the prices above.

Our fee is NOT for filling application form and submit it to immigration bureau. Our fee is for the deep consultation about deciding what visa we should apply, what we should explain with proofs in letter of reason, what are the supporting documents for the clients and who is the most suitable person to guarantee the applicant.

We will never force the clients to sign the contract. We will explain the details about the contract until the clients fully understand.