Live in Japan after divorce or bereavement from Japanese national


Points for live continuously after divorce

The criteria has not been open to the public. However, it is said that the ministry of Justice considers the things below.

(1)Considerable term of marriage and residence record in Japan

Generally, the applicant should have been living in Japan married with spouse at least for 3 years.

(2)Having (a) child(ren) between the applicant and spouse, and having his/her parental authority

In case the applicant raising (a) child(ren) of Japanese national, that situation is considered that there is the special reason to live in Japan continuously. Although, if the applicant has (a) child(ren) but has no parental authority, the applicant is not considered to have special reason.

(3) Having sufficient assets or skills to make an independent living” (Independent Living Requirement)

It is required that the person must not be a public burden in daily life and have assets or skills that can be expected to allow a stable lifestyle in the future. Please be aware of cases where income tax is tax exempt due to having many dependents.


Necessary Documents

Since the necessary documents vary from case to case, please inquire our office.

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