Recognition of Divorce


The law of marriage is usually based of the person’s nationality. So if you are Filipino, you will follow the marriage law of the Philippines. If you are Japanese, your marriage will be based on Japanese laws. However, each marriage can depend on the nationality of the couple, especially if “Interracial Marriage”.

If you are a Filipino who married a Japanese or other foreign national in Japan, your marriage is under Japanese law. Now, if eventually the marriage fails and the couple decides to live separately, recognition of divorce may or may not be easy for both or one of the spouse.

Since there is no divorce in the Philippines, it will be difficult for a Filipino to remarry again. Even if you file for recognition of divorce in Japan, it does not mean that it will be automatically recognized in the Philippines. What you can try to do is appeal to the Philippine court for recognition of foreign judgment.
Since your spouse is Japanese, when you file for recognition of divorce in Japan, it can also be recognized in the Philippines.

But it cannot be done alone. Need help from a Philippine lawyer who knows Japan’s Civil Code and Japan’s law of divorce. Prepare the necessary documents to prove the divorce. The court will decide if they will allow it and change your civil status.

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