Spouse of Japanese to Long-Term Resident


Does your Japanese spouse want a divorce? You don’t know how you will stay in Japan because you cannot extend anymore?

You can apply to change your status to long-term resident. This way, you get your own visa by yourself. However, you will still need a guarantor. It could be a relative or a friend. You are eligible if you have been married at least 3 years and prove you have been living as husband and wife within those 3 years.

Just like Spouse of Japanese, long-term resident does not limit what job you can apply for. It is important you have a job to prove you can sustain your life in Japan even if you are by yourself now. Preferably, a full-time job at that.

It is also a factor that you must be paying your taxes, insurance, and pension. However, most are in a difficult situation and some are housewives. So, in these kind of difficult cases, our Gyoseishoshi lawyer will help explain your situation. It is best to be open with us your full details.

If you have a child with your Japanese spouse, it is also possible to get a long-term resident through him/her.

In some cases, even if you were already holding a 3-year visa as Spouse of Japanese, it is possible you will go back to 1 -year visa when you change to long-term resident.

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