Special Permission to Stay


Special permission to stay are for those who have overstayed or have a chance to be deported because of a criminal case, but may have a special reason to stay.

In most cases, overstays who marry a Japanese national or Permanent Resident surrender after marriage and ask for special permission to stay. It is important for a husband and wife to be together. Therefore, proving that your life must be here with your Japanese or Permanent Resident spouse is the goal. It always comes down to showing that your marriage is real and do not give the immigration a reason to doubt it. Having a child or children with your spouse is also a good reason to stay in Japan as you need to be with your family.

Other cases one asks for special permission to stay is when you have been living in Japan for a very long time, but facing a criminal case and may be deported. However, you have a wife or family here in Japan, so you must stay with them here.

These are difficult cases when one really needs assistance of an expert. Our Gyoseishoshi lawyer has handled such cases and may help you.

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