Service details


Normally to obtain visa permission costs from 4,000Yen to 8,000Yen, which is the revenue stamp paid to Japanese government.

Our fee is NOT for filling application form and submit it to immigration bureau. Our fee is for the deep consultation about deciding what visa we should apply, what we should explain with proofs in letter of reason, what are the supporting documents for the clients and who is the most suitable person to guarantee the applicant.

1.Free 1st consultation

We will consult with the client regarding the prospect of approval of the application based on the client’s own personal circumstances. If there are any problems we will carefully explain how to deal with them.

2.Estimate and contract

After consultation, if the client assigns us business, a contract will be exchanged. There is no need to sign the contract the same day of consultation.

3.Collection of documents

The client will collect necessary documents for the application. We will provide the document list to the client.

4.Complete of application documents

Our office will compose the application form and explanation letter, which is the most important elements of application. We guarantee you that we will complete the application to obtain the purpose with our best.

5.Application at immigration by lawyer

Gyoseishoshi immigration lawyer will go to apply at the immigration bureau in place of the client. There is no need for the client to go to the immigration bureau. (Except in the case of Special Permission to Stay in Japan)

6.Negotiation and procedure condition check during inspection

If the immigration bureau requests any explanation or information, the immigration lawyer will discuss with the officer at the immigration bureau. Furthermore, if there are any additional documents requested, we will quickly respond after contacting the client. If the application inspection takes longer than expected, we will check up on the progress of the inspection and submit any additional documents.

7.Receiving seal of approval

After the application is approved, our office send the client the approval notice form the immigration bureau. In case the clients does not have any time to go to immigration, the client can ask our office to go to the immigration bureau.