Applying for Certificate of Eligibility for Spouse


Are you a Spouse of Japanese National or Permanent Resident, but currently living outside of Japan?

It is important for a married couple to be living together in the same country, and you two choose to settle in Japan. However, before you can live here with your spouse, you must obtain a status of residence. Your Japanese or Permanent Resident spouse must apply for your certificate of eligibility first, so that you can apply for a visa to live in Japan.

Tips on how to make application for certificate of eligibility more successful:

  • Having proof of relationship before and after marriage such as photos and messages
  • Proof of visiting each other throughout relationship
  • Having a common language or learning each other’s language
  • Details of relationship such as first meeting, where do you go on dates, etc.
  • No criminal record in the country of origin
  • Being able to prove that Japanese or Permanent Resident spouse can support foreign spouse living in Japan

*Please note, these are just tips to make application have higher chance of approval, but no guarantees of successful result. Decision is still in the discretion of the immigration.

With our assistance, we will give you the list of requirements, fill-out the application form, compose the explanation letter, and submit the application form to the immigration.

If approved, your Japanese or Permanent Resident spouse will send you the certificate of eligibility, and you will have to apply for your visa at the Japan Embassy or Consulate in your country. Once you have your visa, you can set your flight details. Your resident card will be given when you arrive at the airport. Then you must register your address at the city hall where you will be living with your spouse.

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